A protest in Moroni

comor.s.jpgAn about sixty Comorian dignitaries sunnites called Thursday with Moroni with the prohibition of the religious practices Shiites in the archipelago of the Comoros, noted a correspondent of AFP. Gathered in a Koranic school of the Comorian capital, these monks, with at their head large the cadi of Moroni, Said Mohamed Djelane, also claimed “the expulsion from abroad who contribute to the propagation of the Shiism in the Comoros”.

For the first time in the history of the Comoros – country with 98% Moslem -, of the ceremonies and the prayers of Shiite confession were organized publicly in Moroni on January 29 at the time of Ashoura, rite observed by million Shiites in the world to commemorate the violent death of Hussein, the third Imam of the Shia, killed into 680 by the dynasty of Omeyyades. “The propagation of the Shiism is a bad thing in the Comorian company”, launched large the cadi of Moroni, in the absence of the highest authority sunnite of the country, the large mufti of Moroni, which did not attend the meeting, “being officially prevented”. “About thirty young boys and girls follow formations to Africa, some are in Iran in formation with purses with an aim of coming to propagate the Shiism in the Comoros”, added large the cadi, denouncing those which want “to change Coran, to add new verses to it”.
The religious dignitaries also required the closing of the houses where the practices Shiites are taught and requested from president Ahmed Abdallah Sambi to protect the practices sunnites. Elected in 2006, president Sambi is islamist popular and charismatic, who is democratic, whereas its detractors show it religious integrism and of demagogy. Raising a traditional behaviour near to that of the Iranian monks, the Head of the State however defends himself to be Shiite and says sunnite. He made his secondary studies at the Islamic University of Médine (Saudi Arabia) of 1977 to 1980, then spent one year of studies to Sudan, before studying four years in Iran in a theological school

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