Jabal Amel’s Al-Allamah Al-Amin reports receiving threats

Al_Amin_lebanon.S.jpgJABAL AMEL, Lebanon: Al-Allamah Sayyed Ali Al-Amin, the senior religious scholar in Tyre and the Jabal Amel region, said he has been receiving threatening e-mails, in addition to a number of letters that he earlier forwarded to Lebanese judicial authorities.

Amin is known to be one of the few clerics in Lebanon to oppose Hizbollah. He has attacked the ideology and stands of the group on several occasions, calling them “extremist and oppressive.”

He also opposes Iranian policy in Lebanon and denounces what he has called Iran’s “blatant intervention” in Lebanese domestic issues.

Another cleric, Sheikh Youssef Kanj, warned that any attacks on the “wise and moderate” Amin would not go unanswered.

Kanj added that in Lebanon there exists a struggle between “education and freedom as characterized by the stands undertaken by Sayyed Amin,” as opposed to “ignorance and servitude that are espoused by others.” 

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