Iran not Worried over Further Sanctions

Iran’s Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh says he is not worried over possible further sanctions on Tehran as the country has already been under such siege since the victory of the Islamic Revolution more than 27 years ago. Asked about the effects of possible Western economic sanctions on Iran, Hamaneh told the reporters in Vienna, Austria, that “We have absorbed the required capital from domestic sources as well as through other channels during all these years of economic sanctions so that we can upgrade Iran’s oil and gas capabilities.”

Speaking on the sidelines of OPEC’s 144th general session on Thursday, Hamaneh said Iran’s policy was to cooperate with the world.

“Secure energy is part of this policy and there has been no change made to it,” he added.

“We are not sure what instances will be included in the sanctions. But I can just tell you we have done nothing wrong to expect broad sanctions by the United Nations.”

Hamaneh underlined that Iran would continue with its development plans as it has done over the past 27 years.

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