Iran not to Withdraw from N. Stances

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Friday reminded his country’s access to nuclear fuel production cycle, and underlined that Iranian nation will not give up even an iota of its nuclear rights. “The Iranian nation has access to nuclear fuel cycle, our people will not give it up and will cry out their inalienable rights in every gathering,” Ahmadinejad said while addressing the local residents in the city of Khatam in Iran’s central province of Yazd during the third leg of his 26th tour of the different parts of the country.

He said those who intend to impose their intensions on nations through using force and threat are committing the same big mistake they have been repeating during the last 28 years – since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

“You allege that you are worried about Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities and that Iran might in future diverge from civilian to non-peaceful drives, but you should know that the entire world is worried about you,” the president continued.

He further advised the western countries that their conventions and meetings cannot deter Iran’s resolve to continue the path of progress, reminding that the Iranian nation is now moving on the path of accelerated progress.

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