Mobilization Force Demands Halt of Cooperation with IAEA

Iranian university students mobilization force based in 162 universities nationwide, called for the severance of Iran’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and deportation of the Agency inspectors from Iran. The Basij from 162 Iranian universities released a joint statement in reaction to the UN Security Council Resolution 1747 against the rights of the Iranian nation and termed the resolution as illegal, tyrannical, illogical, and inhumane.

The members of the Iranian university students Basij, further reiterate that in its historical record, Iran has not taken any measures against the international system and that the Islamic Republic of Iran should be lauded and praised by the free nations and organizations of the world, for nuclear energy will serve to be the criteria and sign of the development and industrialization of nations in the third millennium.

The statement by the university students Basij further stresses the point that the Iranian nation has become the symbol of struggle and freedom-seeking in the world, however, the tyrannical powers of the world such as the US do not favor progress, independence and growth of the freedom seeking nations and countries of the word and therefore, all throughout the history of the Islamic Revolution, they have resorted to all kinds of ploys and tricks to impede formation of independent governments such as the Iranian government.

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