Kabul Calls for Peaceful Solution of Iran’s N. Case

A01231919.jpgAfghanistan calls for the settlement of Iran’s nuclear case through dialogue and negotiations, Afghan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta said here in Tehran on Wednesday. Speaking to reporters during a joint press conference with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Larijani, the Afghan top diplomat further stressed that his country calls for a nuclear weapons-free Asia.

“We demand solution of Iran’s atomic case through talks and dialogue and we are opposed to the use of violence for solving this issue,” he continued.

Elsewhere, Spanta mentioned that during his talks with Larijani, the two sides have discussed economic and political issues of Iran and Afghanistan as well as bilateral ties.

Asked if his country has decided to turn into a new base for trans-regional forces, he said, “Afghanistan is an international base for campaign against terrorism, and we are cooperating with the world community in the campaign against global terrorism, which complies with the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well.”

Saying that the deployment of foreign forces in his country should not be perceived as a threat to the Islamic Republic, the official added, “Afghanistan and the international community are in full accord about the point that Kabul should reinvigorate its relations with the world countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of a multi-polar foreign policy.”

Meantime, he voiced pleasure in the two countries’ developing ties, and said that the desirable relations between Afghanistan and Iran result from the two countries’ cultural and historical commonalities as well as common language.

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