Parliament Speaker Assures Peaceful Nature of Iran’s N. Plans

A01231917.jpgIranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel assured that his country’s nuclear activities do not pursue proliferation drives, reminding that Tehran has and will always remain loyal to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) rules and regulations. Speaking to reporters during a press conference in Tehran on Wednesday, Haddad Adel responded to questions about the West’s alleged concerns about Iran’s start of the industrial production of nuclear fuel, and said, “There are certain differences between progress in developing civilian nuclear technology and producing nuclear weapons, the path of these two are different.”

“And that is the raison detre for the establishment of the IAEA, that IAEA is a mechanism for controlling those countries which move towards production of nuclear weapons, and we have repeatedly announced that we do not seek to produce nuclear weapons,” he continued.

Asked to state his assessment of the West’s dual stances on Iran’s recent nuclear progress, which includes raising both concerns and doubts about Iran’s entrance into the phase of the production of nuclear fuel at industrial scale, the top legislative official mentioned, “If we do not hold the ability for industrial production of nuclear fuel, then why is the West worried.”

Asked to comment on the negative psychological impacts of the consecutive UN Security Council resolutions against Iran, he dismissed any such public concern among the Iranian people, and reminded that compared to the previous year, Iranians spent 30% more time on holiday trips in the beginning of the new (Iranian) year which coincided with the imposition of UNSC resolutions on Iran,.

Haddad Adel assured that the Iranian people would easily stand even much more cumbersome conditions due to the fact that they believe in government’s stances.

Asked to comment on the resumption of Iran-EU nuclear talks after the recent news on Iran’s entrance into the industrial phase of nuclear fuel production, he reminded that Tehran had not halted the previous round of negotiations, adding, “We have always voiced preparedness to attend talks and we have always announced that the world should not be concerned about Iran, rather the world should be worried about a government whose head has officially acknowledged possession of nuclear bombs.”

The Iranian parliament speaker continued, “Actually this is the puzzle of the contemporary world that while their nations hold opposite views, governments voice concern over Iran’s legal activities which are under the inspection of the IAEA instead of showing concern about Israel’s inspection-free possession of nuclear bombs.”

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