Abduction of Iranian Diplomat a Flagrant Crime

A02594768.jpgChairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaoddin Boroujerdi lashed out at the Untied States for the kidnap of the Iranian diplomat, Jalal Sharafi, describing the measure as a heavy crime violating the international rules and regulations. Speaking to FNA in an exclusive interview about the abduction and torture of the second secretary of Iran’s embassy in Baghdad, Jalal Sharafi, by the US troops about two months ago, the legislative official reminded the fully illegal nature of the arrest of the Iranian diplomat.

“According to the international rules and regulations, arresting a diplomat is fully illegal and in violation of international agreements, in case it is accompanied by torture and exertion of physical and psychological pressures on the detainee, the measure will, then, be considered as a heavy crime,” he continued.

The prominent legislative official further termed the self-centered arrest and torture of Jalal Sharafi by the US troops in Iraq as a clear example of the United States’ inhumane acts in Iraq, stressing that the US proved its disloyalty to the international rules and regulations.

He also called on the Islamic Republic officials to make use of all the political and legal potentials of the country to restore the rights of Jalal Sharafi and Iran in connection with the case under discussion.

Boroujerdi called on the Iranian foreign minister to voice Iran’s strong protest against the US crimes in a letter to be addressed to the UN Secretary General.

He said that Sharafi’s case is being followed up on by the foreign relations committee of his commission, adding that two Iranian MPs who are due to attend the next summit of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in the Indonesian island of Bali will inform parliament members of the different countries about the abduction and torture of the Iranian diplomat.

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