Lawmaker Lashes US for Abduction, Torture of Iranian Diplomat

A02594767.jpgAn Iranian legislative official here on Saturday protested at the abduction and torture of Iranian diplomat Jalal Sharafi as a blatant violation of the international rules, stressing that the US should be accountable for its inhuman acts and behavior. Member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Elham Amin-zadeh pointed to the abduction and torture of the second secretary of Iran’s embassy in Baghdad, and said, “According to the Geneva’s 4th Convention approved in 1949, all real persons in occupied countries are protected by the international rules and those individuals, including citizens of the occupied country and foreign nationals, who have not attended the war should not be threatened, tortured or irritated.

“According to the international rules, even if the said individuals violate the rules of the occupied country or commit a crime, those who arrest them do not reserve the right to practice torture or any other inhumane acts to take confessions.

“This is while Jalal Sharafi is a diplomat and has not committed any crime in Iraq. The occupying troops have not accused him of any crime or violation of law either. Therefore, the United States has acted in blatant violation of the international law and kidnapped, tortured and kept him in jail,” the parliament deputy continued.

The professor of international law also pointed out that the Human Rights Declaration bans self-centered arrest and detention, torture or inhumane treatment of individuals, adding, “Considering the said rules, the US administration should be accountable for its actions in this case. If the occupiers have been informed of the detention and torture of Mr. Sharafi, then they should extend their apologies to the Iranian government and compensate for all the material and spiritual losses sustained by Mr. Sharafi and Iran.”

“And if the US administration claims that its military troops have embarked on the said actions in the case of Mr. Sharafi, the said troops should be tried at a neutral court and receive a deserving punishment and all the losses sustained by Mr. Sharafi and Iran should be compensated for,” she continued.

Reminding that Iran has filed a compliant with the UN against the United States in this regard, the lawmaker called on the United Nations Organization to urge the US administration to account for the abduction and torture of Jalal Sharafi through different means and bodies, including the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) whose representatives have already met Sharafi and confirmed that he has undergone torture while in detention.

“The UN should also specify if the US administration has been informed of the measures taken by its troops in Mr. Sharafi’s case,” she underlined.

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