Mauritania Keen to Use Iran’s Experiences

Mauritanian Foreign Minister Ahmed Ould Sid Ahmed voiced his country’s preparedness to develop ties with the Islamic Republic and use Iran’s experiences in different areas. According to a report released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, the issue was raised during a meeting between Ahmed and Iran’s deputy foreign minister for Arabian and African Affairs Mohammad Reza Baqeri, where the two sides discussed bilateral ties and exchanged views about regional developments and issues of the world of Islam.

During the meeting, the Iranian official extended his congratulations to Ahmed on the election of Sid Mohammed Sheikh Abdollah as Mauritania’s president.

He further pointed to Iran’s potentials and precious experiences in different grounds, and called for the expansion of the two countries’ mutual relations.

For his part, Mauritanian foreign minister appreciated the Iranian delegation for their presence in the ceremony marking oath taking of that country’s new president, and said, “We are proud of Iran’s regional role, specially in creating affinity among Muslims.

He further praised Iran’s activities in the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and African Union (AU), specially with regard to the issues of Iraq and Lebanon.

The top diplomat also voiced full preparedness of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to develop ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran and to use Iran’s valuable experiences in different grounds.

“We consider use of Iran’s economic and industrial experiences as a proper opportunity and we hope that you can get our people more acquainted with the Islamic Republic’s products through organizing trade fairs in Mauritania,” he concluded.

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