Venezuela Spares no Efforts to Widen Iran’s Presence in Latin America

A02430611.jpgVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez stressed in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in Caracas on Friday that his country would spare no efforts to help boost Iran’s presence in Latin America. A report released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau said that also during the meeting, Mottaki extended his congratulations to Chavez on Venezuela’s National Day, and mentioned that appearance of the new generation of Latino leaders promises a new world, the most important characteristic of which is solidarity of the said leaders with their people and their justice-seeking orientation.

Describing the Middle-East and Latin America as two significant world regions where the United States was forced to experience failure in the last year, he pointed to the simultaneous visits to Latino states by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and US President George W. Bush, and said, “Despite all the negative and comprehensive propaganda launched by the US and the West against Chavez, the world witnessed wide public welcome to the Venezuelan president and growing hatred and demonstrations against Bush’s presence in Latin American countries.

Elsewhere, Mottaki referred to the two countries’ bilateral ties, and called for the combination of the new wave of vigilance with economic potentials in a bid to institutionalize independence-seeking political movements.

He further described the unjust and imposed international monetary and financial system as among the challenges of the developing countries, and said, “We can lay a proper ground for further growth and link the two regions to each other through the revision of monetary and financial system and establishment of a new one.”

For his part, Venezuelan president reminded that Latin America used to be viewed as the United States’ backyard, and continued, “The United States has looted our interests and oil for 200 years and sold its products to our people at high prices.”

Chavez stressed that he and his comrades would continue the present campaign until achievement of full independence all across Latin America.

Also noting the two countries’ good relations, he said Iran-Venezuela relations should not experience disruption even for one single second, and called for the two states’ joint investments to pave the ground for cooperation in and with other countries, in addition to the two countries’ mutual investments.

“We will spare no efforts for facilitating the presence of Iran, which is our strategic friend, in Latin America,” the Venezuelan President underscored.

“All my efforts are aimed at expansion of ties with Iran and our government serves this aspiration,” Chavez concluded.

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