Iran Views Supporting Iraq as Religious Duty

Iran’s deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Mostafavi termed support for Iraq as a religious duty, and underlined that seeds of discord among Muslims are sown by enemies. According to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, Mostafavi made the remarks in a meeting with the chairman of Iran-Oman parliamentary friendship group here in Tehran on Monday, where the two sides explored avenues for the expansion of mutual relations, and exchanged views about regional and international issues.

During the meeting, the Iranian official described exchange of views between the two countries’ officials as a medium for the deepening of ties, increasing the knowledge of the potentials and possibilities of the other side and reinvigorating regional security in the Persian Gulf, and said parliamentary friendship groups contribute to the growth of nations’ relations.

He further termed support for the Iraqi government as a religious duty, and expressed the hope that a way could be achieved through talks among Islamic countries for ending the hardships and pains of the Palestinian nation.

The deputy minister also reiterated that discords and strife among the different Muslim faiths and tribes are fomented by the enemies, reminding that consolidation of ties among Muslim states makes enemies’ plots ineffectual.

To end his remarks, he called for the implementation of the agreements and understandings signed by the two sides, and said that the two countries’ ties promise a promising and lustrous future.

For his part, the Omani chairman of Iran-Oman parliamentary friendship group viewed the incoming visit to Oman by the Iranian president as a milestone in the development of Tehran-Masqat ties, specially in the economic sector.

“Despite the two sides’ desirable political ties, Iran and Oman have not yet utilized all their potentials for the development of mutual economic and trade relations,” he said.

He further stated that the two countries’ economic relations are expected to undergo increasing developments following removal of the barriers existing in the way of Iran-Oman economic cooperation.

To end his words, the Omani MP voiced his parliament’s support for all innovations and efforts to consolidate mutual ties with Iran.

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