Persian Rugs Superior in Global Market

Persian carpet exports are tied to global market demands and customer preferences. Iran still ranks first among exporters of hand-woven carpets, said Commerce Minister Masoud Mir Kazemi.

The minister, responding to a letter by Shahr-e Kord MP Morteza Tamaddon, cited figures by the World Trade Organization showing Iran holds a 47% share in global carpet trade, IRIB News reported.

Although Iran’s hand-woven carpet export has declined in the past decade, the Islamic state is still the world’s top exporting country as is evident in the same WTO figures, he noted.

The minister stated that as per the latest figures released by Iran’s Customs Administration, hand-woven carpet export ranked fourth among non-oil export goods in the past eleven months.

Mir Kazemi further said that the ministry has adopted various plans to support the country’s carpet industry.

The schemes include increase in incentives for exporters, encouraging the use of more hand-woven carpets, supporting weavers and exporters in the global market by issuing IDs for quality Persian carpets, providing disability and retirement insurance coverage for weavers and making quality raw materials available to them.

In a letter to the parliament, Tamaddon asked about schemes planned by the ministry to support the carpet industry.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 5th International Exhibition of Hand-Woven Persian Carpets on Kish Island last week, Mir Kazemi said Persian carpet exports are tied to global market demands and customer preferences.

The minister added that studies are underway to assess the needs of customers worldwide and increasing Iran’s share of the lucrative markets in Europe and the United States.

Underlining the importance of scientific study of the market as well as identifying carpet distribution networks to boost export, he called for making production commensurate with demand.

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