Dara Shukoh: Chechnya is a leader of Jihad in the Muslim world!

una1.jpgAli Bekhan: What is the condition of Muslims in Assam? Can you tell us the crimes of  terrorists groups (ULFA and terrorist groups of BJP, VHP, RSS, AGP, AJYCP ) on Assamese Muslims?




Dara Shukoh: The condition of Muslims in Assam is pathetic. Considering the religious, social, economic and political scenario the Muslims have been marginalized since the so-called independence from the tyrannical regime of Britishers. The condition never improved for the local Muslim population. The discrimination has not only been towards the Muslims but other tribes as well. The current Muslim population has been undergoing a lot of crisis. The main problem has been lack of education. The people are ignorant towards Islam and that’s why the Muslims in Assam lack proper orientation towards The Quran and Sunnah.


Although these can be debated at length, but being an Assamese Muslim and having been lived here for the last 37years, I feel I can see the situation quite well. We, Muslims of Assam need to improve our conditions by ourselves and also in co-operation with Muslims from the Islamic World. The people of knowledge and wisdom should take active part in broadening the sphere of Islam all over.


Practically speaking, the Muslims of Assam have forgotten to call people towards Islam. There are hardly any Da’ee centers. Insha Allah, I hope that the situation would improve as a number of youth are growing towards understanding the Deen.  


The crimes committed on the Assamese Muslims are terrible and inhumane. During the time of partition the Muslims were persecuted. When India was divided into India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), many Muslims from Assam were forced to enter East Pakistan. The oppressed ruler, Gopinath Bordoloi, tortured to death a number of Assamese Muslims, although most people know not about it.


If you happen to be in Assam and you ask anybody about who was Gopinath Bordoloi, they before speaking will give respect to this killer, saying Lokpriya, meaning people’s beloved. How can you give such respect call murderer like that? These criminals took away lands from Muslims, tortured families by driving them away from their own houses and depriving of basic necessities.


Also Assam and the Assamese must be mature enough to face up to what happened at Nellie in Assam’s Morigaon district in 1983. It was a horrible tragedy in which thousands of Muslims were killed. Their bodies, men, women, children, were left lying among the dry paddy fields on a clear February day during an Assembly election opposed by agitators demanding the ouster of  illegal migrants. It may be recalled that fearing the trouble, three days before the occurrence of the tragic event, on 15 February 1983 the officer-in-charge of the Nowgong police station dispatched the following wireless message to the commandant of the 5th battalion of Assam police that was located within ten kilometers of Nellie:

“Information received that late night about one thousand Assamese of surrounding villages of Nellie with deadly weapons assembled at Nellie by beating of drums. Minority peoples are in panic and apprehending attack in any moment. Submission for immediate action to maintain peace.”

But no action was taken on the basis of this wireless message. Consequently over 3000 innocent Muslims, men, women, children and infants were brutally murdered by the criminals. During the terrorist group, AASU,   led agitation against the foreign nationals, the law and order situation of the state was very bad. In fact the agitation was not against Foreign Nationals but on the Muslims who were low paid workers mainly, and who were poor. One can have an idea of the situation from the memorandum of the Indian Citizen Right Preservation Committee, Assam submitted to the Prime Minister of India on 31st May 1980. The memorandum stated that the “minority community cannot expect any justice from Assam police which has become a tool in the hands of the chauvinistic and communal elements. They are taking direct orders from AASU and AGSP and are engaged in killing, maiming and torturing minority communities in an attempt to deny basic human and civil rights to the minorities.”


 Shekhar Gupta, an editor of an Indian based newspaper writes: “A woman, with no more than a rag round her waist screams uncontrollably. Her breasts bear ghastly lacerations. Abdul Hannan, one of the few survivors now helping to collect the wounded, says she was in the sixth month of pregnancy – aborted – a spear-handle was thrust deep into her vagina, and she was left to die after the marauders spent a few minutes disfiguring her body. She now screams not with pain but with grief, and points to the pieces of a two-year-old, her first, who was drawn into two.” They grabbed his limbs, two from each direction and pulled him into pieces, says Hannan, and mumbles as an after-thought, ‘why she doesn’t die now”. He had witnessed the Nellie massacre for himself back in 1983.


So far no action has been taken against the perpetrators of Nellie massacre despite the “minority-appeasement” policy of the ruling Congress government. The fear generated by the massacre and the intimidations that followed in the following years, continue to haunt the Muslims of Assam. It is against this background that we should look at the Muslims’ fear which pushed them to flee their homes in Upper Assam in May, 2005.

A consistent approach shaped by the anti-Muslim attitude (founded on hatred and prejudice) to label the Muslims of Assam as “Bangladeshis” has been the main feature of the politicians of Assam for years. 

This approach was re-enacted in an ugly devilish way on May 11,2005 when an SMS reading “no job, no cloth, no shelter to Bangladeshis” flashed on mobile phone sets across Upper Assam. The campaign for the boycott of Muslims (“Bangladeshi”, as it has become, despite denials, a synonym for Muslims in Assam) was launched purportedly by a previously unheard group, Chiring Chapori Yuva Mancha. It started a day after the tripartite talks between Assam government, AASU and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. 


For four days most people were in complete darkness as to what actually had taken place. The move seems to be a well-planned strategy to cleanse the area of what they claim are “Bangladeshis”. Indeed the boycott of Muslims has already become a favorite game for certain forces in India. Gujarat is an example. BJP, RSS, VHP, AGP, AASU, AJYCP and their allies play leading roles in increasing hatred for the Muslims in Assam as well as rest of India.


 In fact “Hindu to arakshit hai”(the poor Hindu is unprotected) was the common refrain among the RSS circles then. Affiliated members of this terrorist fascist formation have carried on this “philosophy” faithfully. Members of this formation seek to distinguish between “Hindu refugees” and “Muslim infiltrators”. After the attempt at “boycott”, terrorist group BJP’s leader Kalraj Mishra said in Silchar on June 1, 2005, that the Hindus coming from Bangladesh should be treated as “refugees”. To protect the Hindu refugees, he said, the BJP was advocating the introduction of the Citizenship Act of 1950 and repeal of IM(DT) Act. The role of hypocrisy and misleading common people has been long term game plans for these parties.
Before the anti-Muslim campaign in 2005 the Assam Tribune reported on April 27, 2005 that the government has conceded that the infiltration of Bangladeshi nationals belonging to Hindu community was continuing unabated in spite of checks and control at the international borders. Thus it appears that under the shrill slogan of deporting “Bangladeshi infiltrators”, it was only the Muslims who have been targeted. 


What do you know about Chechnya? We have published your poem on our site. As we can understand through your viewpoint that Chechnya is leader of Islamic Ummah. Why?


Chechnya has been the glorious example of Jihad in the Muslim world. The Chechenian history itself speaks of its brave and courageous fight against the Russian invaders. The legends of Dzhokhar Dudaev, Aslan Maskhadov, Shamil Basayev, Abdul-Halim Sadulayev and now Dokka Umarov is famous all over the Muslim World. The problem lies in the fact the mass media is mostly under the control of disbelievers who use their propaganda to spread lies and mischief among the people. Kavkaz-Center has been the centre of mainstream media which provides with authentic news about the condition of the Muslims in Chechnya and rest of the world. Insha’Allah the day is not far when we will see a state of Khilafah in Chechnya and the Muslims will live with peace and prosperity under the Khilafah. My duas, love and regards to the Muslims in Chechnya. May Allah bring peace and bring the rule of Khilafah all over the world. May Allah humiliate the kuffars and destroy their evil plans. May Allah shine the martyrs who lived and died only for the sake of Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala. Chechnya is a leader of Jihad in the Muslim world. We, Muslims, should take examples from the martyrs who gave their lives for the sake of Allah.


What can you say about your future plans in poetry?


I am planning to write a poem for the brothers and sisters in Chechnya. And Insha Allah soon you can publish it in your site. May Allah bring victory to the Muslims all over the world against the terrorist regimes of USA, UK and zionist Israel.

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