Innocent Palestinians kidnapped by zionist occupants

154.jpgAt least eight Palestinian Muslims were rounded up by the invaders and occupant troops in a number of raids in the West Bank cities of Jenin, Qalqilia, and Ramallah in the early hours of Monday morning.


Another 50-year-old Palestinian man was arrested at an zionist terrorist’s roadblock near Al-Khalil city while returning to his home in Jenin city. The elderly man was identified as Faisal Ibrahim Saba’ena.Two of Saba’ena’s sons were released, but the father was taken to an unidentified location.


In yet another human rights violation, hand of Palestinian captive Wajdi Eshteyya was badly wounded when he carried a teargas canister fired by Israeli occupation soldiers at Palestinian detainees in the Jalabo prison to save his co-detainees, sources in the Nafha society that caters for Palestinian captives’ affairs in Israeli jails affirmed.


The explosion caused severe damage to the captive’s hand and cost him parts of his fingers. The society, furthermore, quoted Eshteyya as accusing the jail warden of giving orders to his subordinate to leave him bleed to death.


In Gaza Strip, a number of zionist military vehicles entered into the road connecting Khan Younis and Rafah cities in Gaza Strip under intensive air cover from the Apache choppers. Eyewitnesses in the area confirmed to the PIC correspondent that the zionist troops seized a number of Palestinian families in their homes and took position at the roof tops of their houses.

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