Iraqi women demand an end to the Mullah’s regime activities in Iraq and support for the Mojahedin

190.jpgNCRI – In a gathering on June 3rd, women in Salahedin province in Iraq called for action against Iranian regime’s terrorism in Iraq.Ms. Soheila Farhani director of a women’s civil organization in Salahedin province described details of recent clerical regime’s crimes in Iraq. She said: we are going through tough times and unfortunately the Iranian regime has been left free to do whatever they desire.


One thing is clear to everyone now and that is the mullah’s regime is the main enemy and foremost threat to Iraqi people. Therefore we demand cutting the hands of Iranian regime in Iraq and we will force this anti-human regime out of Iraq.

Ms. Manal Tarad, a student in salahedin province talked about Islamic fundamentalism exported by the mullah’s regime to Iraq and crimes that predominantly affect Iraqi women. She said: Iraqi Women’s Rights organization report that every day 90 to 100 Iraqi women become widowers as a result of sectarian violence. Also statistics show that there are 4 million orphan children in Iraq all taken care of by single mothers. The women who have been forced to emigrate inside Iraq are 8% of Iraqi women population.
Therefore the solution for Iraqi women’s problem is the same as the solution for Iraqi society which is ousting of the Iranian regime.

The militias should be disbanded. We also say that People’s Mojahedin are the only democratic alternative to the Iranian regime, the only impediment to their meddling in Iraq and the only real threat for their overthrow and that is why the regime is conspiring against them with all their power and proxies in Iraq.

We, the people of Iraq and especially women of Iraq condemn all the plots of the regime and its proxies. We, the Iraqi people consider People’s Mojahedin a part of our family and our beloved guests.

The next speaker was a women’s activist, Ms. Assieh Ahmad. She said: All the assassinations and murderous acts in Iraq today are exported by Iranian regime. They want to occupy Iraq.

We, the Iraqi women should stand up to this regime. This regime has been destroying Iraq in the past 4 years. We consider People’s Mojahedin who have resided in Iraq for the past 20 years as our sisters and brothers. They have never interfered in Iraqi affairs. We announce that their presence is the only impediment to Iranian regime in Iraq. We declare our solidarity with 1000 Mojahed women in Ashraf.

The concluding resolution of the gathering was read by Ms. Ebtesam Fars. Part of the resolution reads:
“We, the Iraqi women who have come together in Salahedin gathering strongly condemn any interference by Iranian regime and its women-suppressing proxies in Iraq and will not let them decide our destiny.

We demand human, social and political rights for Iraqi women and will not be silenced. Our rights will only be observed when the Iranian regime is forced out of Iraq. All the militias that act as the occupying wing of this regime must disband. We declare our full solidarity with 1000 Mojahed women in Ashraf.

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