The Iraqi Party Calls for an End to Deceptions by the Iranian Regime

NCRI – The Jafari Shiite group of Iraq asked other National groups to be more proactive in fighting Iranian regime’s deceptions and to support People’s Mojahedin organization of Iran.On June 3rd, Jordanian newspaper Alarab-el-Youm printed the statement of Jafari Shiite Group of Iraq asking people to focus on the fight against the interference of Iranian regime in Iraqi affairs.


The statement noted the Iranian regime’s exploitation of the situation in Iraq and its meddling. It wrote: The interference includes replacing of Abdollah Aljabouri the governor of Diala province as well as selection of all commanders of Police and military forces and administrative officials from parties supported by Iranian regime.
Alarab-el-Youm continued: the Jafari Shiite group states that non-interference in Iraqi affairs is one of the basic principles of People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. But the anti-nationalist movements that have sectarian and corrupt relationships with the Iranian regime cannot tolerate Mojahedin’s presence near the Iranian border.

The Jafari Shiite group noted the accusations against Mojahedin by Iranian regime are sheer lies that only the rulers of Tehran are capable of pronouncing. They are political ploys to prevent people of the two countries from living peacefully and sympathetically.

Alarb-el-Youm continued: Ms. Atefeh a member of Mojahedin-e-Khalq described the relationship between her organization and Iraqi tribes and national groups as very positive and respectful.

She said Mojahedin have resided legally and as political refugees in Iraq for 21 years. After invasion of Iraq and extensive investigations, the American forces declared Mojahedin clear of any terrorism accusations. As a result, Mojahedin got the protected people’s status under the International conventions.

Ms. Khorsand added: In June 2006 in a petition five million and two hundred thousand Iraqis supported the political rights of Mojahedin in Iraq and demanded the rejection of the Iranian regime and all its proxies in Iraq.

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