30,000 Canadians Demand Removal of Mojahedin from Terrorist List

1110.jpgIn a petition, 30,000 Canadians demanded from their government to give up the misguided policy of appeasing the mullah s regime and remove the unjust terror label from the Mojahedin.The petition addressed to Mr. Stockwell Day Minister of Public Safety stresses that the only way to prevent another catastrophe such as foreign war, export of fundamentalism, terrorism or competition for nuclear proliferation in the region is an indigenous solution by Iranian people. It states that Mojahedin-e-Khalq (PMOI) reflects a modern and democratic alternative to the present terrorist regime ruling Iran and it is essential to remove their name from terrorist list.

On Wednesday June 6th,  the Friends of a Democratic Iranس committee held a Parliamentary briefing in Commonwealth  Hall  in Canadian Parliament. The event was titled زSupporting the Iranian Opposition for a Democratic Change is Inevitableس and members of Parliament and Parliamentarian advisors discussed the acceptable policy towards Iran.

The deteriorating situation of human rights especially recent suppression of youths and women were discussed and a short film of brutalities of the regime against Iranian people was displayed.  Former Secretary of State for Middle East and Latin America, Mr. David Kilgour was the first speaker who said the solution to Iranian problem is a democratic change. Mrs. Rajavi has offered this option. She rejects both military attack and appeasement of the Iranian regime.

Mr. Kilgour continued: Today we have the support of 30,000 Canadian citizens in demanding removal of PMOI from terrorist list. We also have the EU Court verdict which annulled this labeling but some European countries still insist in keeping Mojahedin in the list. He said the زFriends of a Democratic Iranس committee must work with other members of Parliament to demand that Canadian government remove PMOI  from the terrorist list.

Members of Parliament from different parties also asserted their party s view about the Iranian regime. They all confirmed that the Iran is becoming the most serious threat in the world.

Mr. Kilgour said the last thing Canadians want is a military attack against Iran. This should not happen but the appeasement policy must also end. PMOI is a democratic force that wants free elections and democracy for Iran. They should not have been placed in the terrorist list to begin with. They should immediately be removed from the list in Canada and in other countries. In another part of his speech, Mr. Kilgour stated the importance of the petition signed by 30,000 Canadians and the fact that they have demanded the removal of PMOI from the list which is also our demand.

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