Le Soir: MEK must be removed from the List

1111.jpgBelgium, Le Soir newspaper: The EU Council is planning to keep MEK in the terrorist list again. It seems that the Council is not paying attention to the verdict of EU Court of Justice issued on December 12th which ruled in favor of Mojahedin. (The Council did not even appeal this verdict.)The Council has made up its mind a few months ago. A letter written by Christoph Heusgen, advisor to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Vice President of European  Parliament Vidal-Quatras, states that there has been an unanimous agreement on this issue since last February. In February 2007, the Council reached an agreement that the reasons for the inclusion of Mojahedin in the list still apply.

What are those reasons? No one knows. In another letter sent to a French lawyer of Mojahedin on February 14th they state the زthird partyس principle (according to this principle the information provided by the security services cannot be shared with third parties.)

The documents Le Soir newspaper has obtained are related to Saddam Hossein s era.
Since the Executive branch is not listening to the Legislative branch, Mojahedin are trying to dent the unity of European countries.

Unlike other European countries where Mojahedin enjoy strong support from conservative and liberal parties, in Belgium, Senator Lionel Vandenberghe (from Spirit party) has questioned the Foreign Minister, Karel De Gucht since last June.

He stated a very interesting fact in favor of Mojahedin and that is the government should not make a decision in this matter.  In light of the upcoming elections, government should take care of the countries daily affairs. Therefore to make any decision regarding this issue, they should wait for a government enjoying the majority support to take over.

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