U.S. talks with Iran were futile: Iraqi paper

NCRI – In an article on Thursday, June 7th, Iraqi newspaper Al-Iraq-el-Yom stated:  Experience has proved that behind Iranian regime’s propaganda, there always hides some serious and vicious weakness and no one should be tricked by it.The Iranian regime faces a strong alternative inside and outside the country and that is the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). The protests and uprisings have also made the regime more vulnerable than before.
That is why if they retreat and give in to talks, it is a big victory for both Iraqi and Iranian people who are paying for the regime’s terrorism and religious fascism on a daily basis.

Political analyst Khaled Mazhar Altaei, in an article in Al-Iraq-el-Yom wrote: “As was expected, the talks between United States and Iranian regime in Baghdad lead to nothing. After the talks, the American ambassador stated his counterpart did not respond to any of the numerous charges we presented about their role in terrorist activities, arms export, support of militias and death squads.”

“Amid this flawed and deficient dialogue which was basically a scene for back and forth accusations between the two, the world realized the vulnerability and weakness of the mullahs regime. Those who pinned hope on appeasement policy realized that this regime is not even capable of stepping back one iota from its meddling and murder in Iraq. The regime is caught in a dead-end and considers even a procedural talk as dangerous.”

Al-Iraq-el-Yom continued: “All the propaganda by the Iranian regime about pre-conditions to join the dialogue, revealed its weakness and vulnerabilities. Before the interview we wrote: “despite all the political mistakes by the U.S., these talks start a path to dangerous destruction for Iran.” ”

Ahmadinejad’s coming to power, declaring war against the United States and national forces in Iraq, reactivating the nuclear program and increasing the internal suppression were all parts of a bigger political ploy to save the regime against all the internal dissent.

The regime is getting disintegrated not only by the Iranian people and their resistance, but also by 30 years of internal corruption. Therefore, any serious dialogue with this regime is a new poison chalice that will endanger it from inside. Consequently, and especially with the new international situation, this regime is unable to step back, even one iota.

The article further reiterates: The key result of this dialogue was proving that the present crisis in Iraq is a result of expansion of influence by the Iranian regime and its proxies and it will only end by putting an end to its activities. Hoping and investing in talks with this regime is an illusion which has proven wrong in the past 30 years on numerous occasions. If this regime was capable of dialogue, it would start one with its own people instead of suppressing them so brutally.

The article concludes: It is time for all national Iraqi forces to understand they need to cooperate with each other against this regime. The slogan of cutting the hands of the Iranian regime must be the central motto for all Iraqi democratic forces. This could have positive effects on the national and international scenes for Iraqi forces. It could pave the way for them to get the regional and international support for major political reforms in Iraq.

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