‘Iraqis are being shot everyday by Iranian bullets’

1145.jpgNCRI – On Friday, June 8th, in an interview with the Iraqi television Al-Mostagheleh, politician Ghasem Barisom said: Iraqis are being killed every day with Iranian bullets. Iranian regime does not observe any political principle and is only after its own gains in Iraq.He continued: the Iraqi government is hostage to the Iranian regime. Iraq represents a deep strategic goal for Iran and this regime has achieved success at the expense of Iraqis.

The Iraqi poet and author, Abbas Aljenabi told Al-Mostagheleh TV in an interview: The Iranian regime is after chaos in Iraq. Iranians arrested in Iraq have been responsible for explosions and turmoil. This is the truth. Iran was also actively involved in the 1991 uprisings. Iranians want to create chaos from north to the south. In the past 4 years, 223 reporters have been assassinated in Iraq. This regime does whatever it wishes in Iraq.

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