Iran Calls on Israel to Take a Lesson from War of Lebanon

A0292746.jpgIranian Government Spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham said that the Zionist regime of Israel should take a lesson from its last year invasion of Lebanon, where it was not only defeated but also humiliated by Hezbollah.Speaking to reporters during his weekly press briefing here on Wednesday, Elham viewed Israel’s 33-day war on Lebanon as a premeditated plan to annihilate the Lebanese Hezbollah.

“Yet, their plot backfired and the result turned to be the opposite, and this showed that materialistic calculations cannot guarantee everything,” he added.

Elham reminded nations’ resolve to get rid of hegemony of powers and gain independence, adding, “And this was manifested in Hezbollah’s determination, which could defuse Israel’s plot and impose a humiliating defeat on the Zionist regime’s army through brave resistance.”

He said Hezbollah’s victory revealed that the world is moving towards justice, equality of nations and government, peace and stability.

The government spokesman called on the Zionist regime to take a lesson from its last year defeat, saying that Palestinian nation will eventually embrace victory while immigrant occupiers won’t have any future in the occupied territories.

Regarding Iran-US talks over Iraq, he repeated Ahmadinejad’s remarks, and said that Tehran is prepared to attend talks with Washington, if it is called upon.

“Our stance is what the president announced two days ago. We accepted to attend the first round at the request of the Iraqi government and nothing has changed now. If we are demanded, we will study their request,” Elham said.

Asked about the current visit to Tehran by a five-member delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the spokesman said the group has come to Tehran “to specify a model for studying the issues” between the two sides.

He underlined Iran’s insistence on its nuclear stances, saying that his country would not retreat along the nuclear path.

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