President Zyazikov’s motorcade attacked in Ingushetia

1150.jpgAccording to sources from Ingushetia, in previous evening in the capital of Magas, a motorcade with President Zyazikov came under fire. The convoy was attacked from machine-guns and grenade launchers.

According to the sources, several armored vehicles were damaged. No information reported on injured or dead. President Zyazikov and his guards managed to escape at high speed. The leader of the Ingush puppets, once again survived.


Let’s recall that in April, 2004, in Nazran a motorcade of President Zyazikov was blown up with car bomb. As a result of the sabotage puppet leader was wounded. The explosion was such powerful that at a distance of 500 metres roofs were blown off houses. Zyazikov survived because his car ran the epicenter of the blast.


In June again motorcade of Zyazikov rammed by a car driven by a Shahid. Then Zyazikov also survived, but he got injured, several of his bodyguards were killed.


Most recently, on July 16, 2007 evening in the village of Barsuki, a house of the family and relatives of the President of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov was attacked.


On July 21 in Karabulak a personal sorcerer of Zyazikov was eliminated. The so-called “adviser” to President of Ingushetia Vakha Vedzizhev was wounded during the attack on his car and died on the way to hospital.


According to sources from Ingushetia, Vakha Vedzizhev was one of the most close to Murat Zyazikov, and was known in the country as the sorcerer and astrologer, who practiced Satanic rituals.

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