IRGC Deterrent Capability Contributes to Persian Gulf Stability

A01853728.jpgThe deterrent capability of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) ground force is a major contributor to regional stability and tranquility in the Persian Gulf, an IRGC commander said. Speaking at the end of military exercises of the second brigade of Karbala 25 Division in the northern city of Sari on Sunday, commander of the IRGC ground force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi told FNA that his troops have now turned into a reliable deterrent force in the region and the world.

He further viewed enemies’ psychological warfare as well as incitement of the neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf littoral states as the products of the aggressive nature of the arrogant powers and also their intentions for bringing crisis to the region.

“The defensive capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have turned the country into a significant contributor to regional tranquility,” the senior commander said.

“Experiences of the years following the Islamic Revolution show that our country has never posed a threat to any neighboring or Muslim country,” the General added.

He also said that the existence of a powerful Islamic Republic which demands peace and stability in the region is detrimental to the expansionist goals of the US and its allies, “and they have resorted to psychological warfare to undermine Iran’s overwhelming power.”

During their 3-day-long military exercises, IRGC and Basiji troops practiced all methods and tactics of symmetric warfare.

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