Iran Calls on US to Make Up for Mistakes

A02859906.jpgDuring the trilateral talks, the United States accepted its errors in Iraq and it should now make up for them, Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq and head of the Iranian delegation in talks with the US over Iraq said. Hassan Kazemi Qomi told reporters in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad Thursday night that the third round of talks between Iranian and American delegations took place at the request of the Iraqi officials, adding that the meeting was aimed at the implementation of the results gained during the previous rounds of talks in Baghdad.

“We believe that Iraq’s security should be restored by the Iraqi government and through the participation of other countries,” he said.

Qomi also mentioned that the third round of talks centered on the root causes of insecurities in Iraq, and continued, “A major part of security problems in Iraq is a product of the Untied States’ wrong policies in that country.”

“If the plans agreed during the trilateral talks are approved, we will witness a reduction of security problems in that country,” he added.

Regarding the latest conditions of the five Iranian diplomats kidnapped during a raid by the US troops on Iran’s consulate general in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil last January, the envoy underlined that the abductees served as Iran’s diplomats in Iraq, “and the Iraqi government should naturally account for such arrests.”

He also reminded that the Iraqi government is upset with the issue, and had called for the settlement of the case, adding that a committee has been formed by the Iraqi government to solve the problem.

Qomi reminded that the kidnapped Iranian diplomats have experienced physical and mental torture, and said that they would have a meeting with their family members in the near future.

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