Rafsanjani: US in Desperate Need of Iran’s Assistance

A02859907.jpgTehran’s provisional Friday Prayers leader Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said the United States’ efforts to get rid of its humiliating situation in Iraq and Afghanistan would lead to nowhere unless it revises its wrong policies and attracts Iran’s positive view and assistance.Addressing a large congregation of fervent worshippers on Tehran University Campus here today, Rafsanjani said the US can’t get rid of its problems in the Middle-East region without Iran’s assistance.

He dismissed the claims made by certain foreign media alleging that Iran has been besieged by the US, and underscored, “This is actually the United States which is under Iran’s siege. Today, Iran is precisely monitoring all the activities of the United States in the region and if the US does not correct its tactics, it won’t achieve its goals.”

Rafsanjani also pointed out that the United States will eventually come to the conclusion that it should satisfy Iran to get rid of its problems.

He further mentioned that the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan was actually aimed at pressurizing and surrounding Iran, and continued, “But due to the fact that they did not have a proper knowledge of these countries, very soon it came to be known that the US has been surrounded by Iran instead of surrounding Iran.”

“Wherever they step, they find out that they should have Iran’s companionship and satisfaction,” he said, adding, “As I had already mentioned, Iraq and Afghanistan are quagmires for the US and when you are trapped in a quagmire, you can’t get out on your own and someone should help you to get out. That is to say, the more you struggle, the deeper you are trapped.”

He further reminded the United States’ demand for Iran’s help in Iraq, and said, “Some negotiations of little effectiveness have started and we hope that they pay attention to the realities.”

Rafsanjani called on the US to pay due attention to the existing realities in Iraq and the region without having hegemonic intentions and monopolistic policies and without hatred towards Islam, adding that the only way for the US to get rid of its problems is showing respect for the interests of regional nations.

Addressing the US officials, he also said that Washington can get a positive result from the talks with Iran, if only it considers and fulfills the aforementioned conditions.

“So far, Americans have not shown good signs in the talks and have accused Iran of intervening in Iraq,” Rafsanjani added.

The cleric rejected the Untied States’ allegations that Iran is meddling with Iraq’s domestic affairs, and reminded that this is the US which has invaded Iraq and is now intervening in Iraq’s affairs with 150,000 troopers.

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