Iraq Calls for Iran’s Aid in Campaign against Terrorism

A02859908.jpgIraq is still in need of Iran’s humanitarian aids to fight against terrorism, Iraqi government spokesman stressed on Thursday. Speaking to reporters in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad Thursday night, Ali al-Dabbagh said his country is faced with powerful terrorists who are even stronger than Iraqi forces.

“During the visit to Iran, we discussed with the Iranian officials the challenges that we are facing in Iraq,” he said, adding, “We discussed about the ability to struggle against the existing challenges and we are fully confident that the Iraqi nation will embrace victory.”

Dabbagh expressed the hope that the neighboring countries could play a positive role in the establishment of security in Iraq.

The official further underlined the need for all-out supports for the legal and legitimate government of Iraq, and continued, “With the sincerity that we witnessed in the Iranian officials and leaders, we hope that we can witness Iran’s support for the Iraqi nation.”

To end his remarks, the Iraqi government spokesman called for Iran’s assistance in the campaign against terrorism, saying, “We expect Iran to help the Iraqi government because we are in need of aid and assistance in the campaign against terrorism.”

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