Iranian Experts Repair 2 Turbo-Generators despite Sanctions

A03264554.jpgDespite West’s sanctions against the country, Iranian experts of the South Pars Technical Repair and Maintenance Company (TMC) succeeded in repairing two turbo-generators of the second refinery of the South Pars Oil and Gas Field (phases 2 and 3). TMC managing director Mohammad Kazem Bahmani told reporters on Monday that Iranian experts succeeded in repairing the turbines and bringing them back to the production circuit while Iran is under heavy sanction by the manufacturer company – the US General Electric (GE).

He said after years of experience, Iranian experts are now able to repair all turbo generators existing in the South Pars Oil and Gas Field, despite the sanctions imposed on the country by American companies.

“Despite the sanctions, the existing turbines are now repaired at the South Pars Gas Complex Company,” Bahmani said.

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