Hans Blix Calls on US to Try Diplomacy with Iran

A03143094.jpgFormer UN Chief Weapons Inspector to Iraq Hans Blix believes the United States ought to exercise a greater degree of diplomacy when dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue. On TV One’s Agenda today, Dr Blix said the US showing its military might in the region will only give Iran reason to further develop its nuclear capabilities.

“I think the waving of the sticks or three American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf is a little more counter productive than anything else.”

“They might tell us, ‘Well look, this shows we need a weapon to protect ourselves.’

Dr Blix said if the US pursued a more diplomatic route with Iran, like it has with North Korea, Iran might have less of a reason to arm itself.

“They are saying to the North Koreans, ‘You don’t need nuclear weapons we are going to assure you we are not going to invade you and we will not try to replace your regime, although we dislike it.'”

Dr Blix said when dealing with Iran the US needs to move away from their aggressive stance, and pursue more diplomatic means.

“Bush himself says ‘all the options are on the table’ and if you say that, doesn’t it mean also that you include the nuclear option? I haven’t heard the Iranians say that,” Blix pointed out.

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