Enemies Upset with Iran-Azerbaijan Friendly Ties

A01352323.jpgSecuring continued friendly ties requires vigilance and we should keep away from the aliens displeased with our friendly relations, Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Mohammad Hossein Saffar Harandi said in a meeting with his Azeri counterpart here on Wednesday. During the meeting, Saffar Harandi noted the two countries’ age-old cordial relations, and underlined further expansion of ties between the two neighboring states, assuring that Iranian officials would spare no effort to help resolve the issues desired by the Azeri nation and government.

“We wish to consolidate the two countries’ cultural bonds in a bid to pave the way for the further development of relations in all the different areas,” he added.

The minister further pointed to enemies’ efforts to undermine Iran’s cordial relations with other countries, including Azerbaijan, and reiterated, “Securing continued friendly ties requires vigilance and we should keep away from the aliens displeased with our friendly relations.”

“The Iranian nation’s grandeur and success in different scientific, cultural, political, economic and international grounds have made enemies embark on undermining the Islamic Republic’s friendly relations with its neighbors,” he continued.

Saffar Harandi said despite wrathfulness of such countries as the US and Israel which are displeased with Iran-Azerbaijan friendly ties, “We will continue consolidating our relations with other countries, including Azerbaijan.”

He further underlined the need for the two states not to allow agents of the US and Israel use different ploys, including the press, to undermine the two countries’ relations.

For his part, Azerbaijan’s Culture and Tourism Minister Abulfaz Garayev voiced pleasure with his visit to Iran, and assessed the two nations’ cultural commonalities as a proper base for developing the two countries’ relations.

He called on both sides to implement cultural programs to bring further proximity and affinity to the two Iranian and Azeri nations.

“We can implement, at least, two cultural programs in each other’s country through endorsing a memorandum of understanding on cultural exchanges between Iran and Azerbaijan,” Garayev added.

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