Iran to Expand Industrial Ties with Bolivia

A00150942.jpgCaretaker of Iran’s Industries and Mines Ministry Mehrabian here Thursday conferred with Bolivia’s visiting Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca Cespedes about expansion of industrial and mining relations and cooperation between the two countries. During the meeting, Mehrabian pointed out that Iran’s burgeoning ties and cooperation with Latino states would help reinvigoration of a multipolar world and lead to the expansion of political, economic and industrial ties between the two sides.

He further called for the establishment of direct relations between his ministry and Bolivia, and expressed the hope that inauguration of Iranian embassy in that country would strengthen mutual ties and bring more proximity between the two nations.

The official also pointed to Iran’s presence and activities in such friendly countries as Venezuela, and reminded that Tehran is now working on over 100 plans and projects in Venezuela, saying that such cooperation sets the best paradigm for the expansion of relations between the Islamic Republic and other Latino states.

He also stressed the need for the implementation of the agreement held by the two countries’ officials last year, and reminded Iran’s capabilities to assist Bolivia with economic and industrial development.

“Iran can cooperate with Bolivia in supplying agricultural machineries, including tractors and combines, as well as industrial tools and instruments needed for mining, launching dairy and juice production, plastic products, medicine, textile and household goods manufacturing units and factories, exporting technical and engineering services and establishing industrial townships,” the Iranian industries and mines ministry caretaker reiterated.

For his part, the Bolivian foreign minister said establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries paved the way for the expansion of economic activities, and said his country would soon dispatch technical delegations from the industries and mines sector to implement previous agreements and develop the two sides’ relations.

Reminding that Iran is now establishing a dairy products factory in Bolivia, he expressed the hope that the two countries can bolster cooperation in other industrial and mining areas.

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