Hezbollah Official Calls on Lebanese Groups to Disappoint US

A01582545.jpgLebanese groups can disappoint the Untied States through cooperating with each other in the presidential elections, deputy head of the Lebanese Hezbollah group Sheikh Naim Qasem said. He said Lebanese are faced with two options for electing their president, “that is, they should either comply with the US plan or reach a consensus about the next president.”

Qasem said if the next president of his country is elected on the basis of a half-plus-one formula, Lebanon would turn into a weak country in coming years, “but if elections take place through agreements among groups, that would put an end to the ongoing domestic crisis and would be beneficial both to the 14th of March movement and to the Opposition of Seniora’s government.”

He called on the Lebanese to merely rely on domestic cooperation, saying that the US would reject any plan, agreement or result which is not consistent with its interests.

“In case the results of these talks are beneficial to the US, it means that the Lebanese have and will gain no interest. Therefore, if the Lebanese reach an agreement, they will disappoint the US in the presidential elections,” the Hezbollah official added.

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