US Seeks Dissolution of Iraqi Gov’t

A01582546.jpgUS seeks to dissolve the central government in Baghdad through dividing Iraq into Shiite, Sunnite and Kurd-residing regions, advisor to the former Iraqi prime minister said, adding that the US troops have handicapped Nuri al-Maliki’s administration. Speaking to FNA on Saturday, Javad Taleb noted the plan by the US Senate for dividing Iraq into Shiite, Sunnite and Kurd-residing regions and the mention of federalism in Iraq’s Constitution, and said, “What has been mentioned about federalism in Iraq’s Constitution pertains to the division of provinces and not ethnic groups. That is to say, every three provinces or more can form a state with limited authorities to merely manage their internal affairs.”

“As regards federalism, independence of the country, foreign policy, defense policy, monetary affairs and the like fall within the authorities of the central government, but the plan presented by the US Senate has very explicitly spoken of dividing Iraq,” he added.

The political advisor to Ibrahim Jafari said the US seeks to divide Iraq on the basis of ethnicity, and continued, “According to this plan, the central government is practically dissolved and all the authorities are bestowed upon the regions.”

“They intend to face Iraq with a bigger problem in a bid to get out of Iraq and out of the present quagmire that they themselves have created,” he said, reminding that the plan has been endorsed by those senators who have announced their nomination for the next presidential elections in the US.

Taleb further blasted the US for having independent transactions with certain Iraqi groups, and said that several US companies have embarked on signing oil contracts with the Iraqi Kurdistan without informing the central government or having the approval of the Iraqi parliament.

He viewed the ascending to power of the Shiite majority as a source of dismay for the US, and said Washington seeks to push the present Constitution into a null and void status, because it has been compiled by a Shiite dominated parliament.

The political analyst said Americans are seeking to sow discord among the Shiites, Sunnites and Kurds in a bid to handicap the Iraqi government.

“Americans want the Iraqi government to be merely a government on the paper so that they can manage all affairs by themselves,” he said, adding, “Of course, we have made a lot of efforts to prevent this from happening, but the 150,000 US troops in Iraq do not allow us to make progress in doing so.”

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