Iran Calls for Int’l Tribunal to Deal with US War Crimes

A01853729.jpgDeputy head of Iran’s judiciary here Tuesday called on the world’s independent legal and judicial bodies to form a war tribunal to punish the United States’ warmongering ruling party for its crimes. Seyed Ebrahim Rayisee viewed the recent statements made by the US president about contingencies of World War III as a serious threat to the international peace and security, and stressed, “Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities are carried out under the legal and technical inspections of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and such remarks indicate the ignorance and confused status of the US ruling party in dealing with international relations, and specially Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities.”

He further said that the crimes committed by the US ruling party in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Washington’s increasing threats in the international arena would bring nothing to the US but further political isolation.

The official said the world today knows very well that the hawkish policies of the US administration have come to a dead-end, “and in case the United States continues violation of the international norms and criteria, it will have to face increased pressures from the side of the world Public opinion, particularly the American people, insisting the illogical leaders of that country to revise their current attitudes.”

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