US Made to Change Game after Iran’s Cooperation with IAEA

A031190616.jpg Iran’s foreign minister said that his country’s cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog has made the US change the game and create another problem for the Islamic Republic as it perceives the pending solution of Tehran’s nuclear issue. “Iran’s intimate and sincere cooperation with the (International Atomic Energy) Agency has pushed the US to change the settings of the game to create another problem for Iran,” Manouchehr Mottaki told reporters on the sidelines of the 15th International Conference on the Central Asia and the Caucasus here in Tehran on Tuesday.

He said Washington charges Iran of collaborating with terrorists while it is the main supporter of terrorism, reminding that the Taliban was originally created by the US to fight against the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Earlier in the day, Mottaki said in his address to the 15th International Conference on the Central Asia and the Caucasus that Iran plays no role in the killing of the US soldiers in Iraq, denying Washington’s charges that Iran provides ammunition for insurgents’ attack on US convoys in Iraq.

Mottaki said that the US statesmen levy such accusations against Iran in a bid to project the responsibility for their failures and hide the defeat of the United States’ wrong policies in Iraq.

“We are not happy with the killing of the US soldiers in Iraq,” Mottaki said, adding, “Murder of everyone, even American soldiers, is a source of regret for Iran.”

“The Islamic Republic has no role in the killing of the US soldiers,” the minister reiterated.

He said the US administration is lying to the American nation to hide its failures in Iraq.

“This is a measure to hide the subsequent defeats the United States has sustained due to its wrong policies in the region, specially in recent years,” Mottaki said.

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