US Sanctions Discredit Washington’s Allegations about Global Peace

A031190615.jpgThe United States’ new sanctions against Iran show that Americans are not at all interested in the prevalence of peace and tranquility in the region and world, Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said. Addressing an open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly here on Tuesday, Haddad Adel noted the United States’ new sanctions on Iran, and said, “These measures show that Americans are not interested in regional and world peace and tranquility, because while these measures have been adopted under the pretext of the military drive of Iran’s nuclear activities, Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency are making advancement in their talks to remove ambiguities and (IAEA Director General) Mr. ElBaradei has announced very explicitly that he has not received any report from the agency’s inspectors indicating Iran’s military activity in the nuclear field.”

“It is shown that Americans are not keen on solving Iran’s nuclear issue and tend to use it as an excuse for laying pressure on Iran,” he continued.

The top legislator further dismissed US allegations about Iran’s support for terrorism, and said, “Americans accuse Iran of supporting terrorism while they have taken a private US company to Iraq to assassinate the Iraqi people. Isn’t the Company Black Water, which assassinates the innocent and defenseless Iraqi people, a clear instance of the Untied States’ terrorist activities?”

Reminding that Iran’s support for the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas groups underlie the United States’ accusations against Tehran, he said, “Should the support for the Hamas government, which has ascended to power through public vote, be considered as terrorism?”

Haddad Adel said terrorists are those who have cut off electricity, water and fuel supplies to punish the Palestinian people for electing Hamas through a democratic process.

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