Air Force Commander Warns Enemies against Invasion of Iran

A03119066.jpgIn case arrogant powers invade the Islamic Iran, we will bury the remainder of their reputation, commander of the Iranian air force said on Thursday. “Iran is now enjoying the highest preparedness level in the area of military and defense,” General Amir Ahmad Miqani said.

He further pointed to the US-backed Iraqi imposed war on Iran (1980-1988), and reminded that arrogant powers imagined they could crush Iran and Islamic Revolution through the Iraqi invasion, “but Iran’s brave men shattered the power of the arrogant powers.”

“The enemy imagined that through waging a war on Iran it could change the fate of the Iranian nation the way it wanted, but Iran could export its Islamic Revolution to the world even during the war,” the General mentioned, adding that Iran’s Islamic Revolution has caused vigilance among nations.

He also pointed out that the US and its allies have failed in attaining their goals in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine due to the prevalence of the spirit of the Islamic Revolution in the said regions.

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