Rafsanjani Highlights Iran’s Military Achievements

A03119067.jpgExpediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said Iran has reached self-sufficiency in manufacturing military tools, equipment and weapons, adding that the Islamic Republic’s success in manufacturing hi-tech weapons has surprised enemies. Addressing a meeting to commemorate 1400 martyred army commanders and soldiers of Markazi province in central Iran on Thursday, Rafsanjani hailed Iran’s advancements in military and weapons technology as a great achievement for the country.

Meantime, he underlined that Iran does not favor arms trade, “but if it had intended to do so, it would have now been among those traders of arms that make the most profit.”

The official said that the country’s enemies which failed in defeating Iran during the US-backed Iraqi imposed war (1980-1988) have once again returned to the region to start their threats and negative propaganda against the Islamic Republic.

“They accuse Iran of seeking atomic bombs, but Iran does not at all need nuclear bombs,” he said, adding, “Atomic bombs kill innocent people, the elderly, children, men and women altogether and, thus, Iran will never use atomic bombs.”

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