Rafsanjani Warns US against Adventurism

A031190611.jpgIf the Untied States embarks on adventurism, all the world nations would soon realize that it has committed a big mistake, Tehran’s provisional Friday Prayers leader Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said. “If they opt for adventurism, all nations will realize very soon that the US has committed another grave mistake,” Rafsanjani said while addressing a fervent congregation of the worshippers on Tehran University Campus here on Friday.

Meantime, he reminded the US casualties and material and human losses during the Iraq war, and advised US officials to take a lesson from the past and resort to the path of logic and righteousness. “I hope, one day, common sense prevails over these people (US officials) and they experience the true path at least once.”

Rafsanjani further regretted that the US has resorted to intimidation and threat instead of taking lessons from the past, and warned that threat and intimidation would be followed by negative consequences. “If their threats materialize, a huge quagmire will be created for them and people of the region will also get into trouble while nobody could think of the end of the story.”

He said arrogant powers are pressurizing Iran because they know the Islamic Revolution has brought vigilance and a fresh movement to the world of Islam, “and that’s why they are wrathful and strive to hit, threaten or launch psychological warfare against Iran.”

The Expediency Council chairman, meantime, advised the White House leaders to give up their present course of action, mentioning that the US can’t harness the power of Islam with might and psychological warfare.

He also said that the western powers are seeking to control energy resources in the region. “What is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine is all for controlling the region.”

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