Conflicts growing among Chechen murtads

1_1.jpgAccording to sources from the occupied Chechnya, conflicts grow between the groups of Chechen murtads (apostates, AKA national traitors). Moscow puppet leader Kadyrov with his high-and-mighty manners and sadism creates more and more number of enemies in his own environment.

Thus according to edition of “Caucasian knot”, a few days Kadyrov dismissed one of his closest associates, the so-called Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Chechnya, Alambek Yasaev. According to some sources, he is now in Moscow.


As told Caucasus “hub” surrounded Kaydrova source, who wishes to remain anonymous, a cause for expulsion of the nearest villages assistant gave his speech to the kadyrovskih gangs of “descent” Kadyrov village-Hosi-Yurt (Tsentaroy).


A source from the Kadyrov’s government who preferred to remain anonymous has informed the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent that the motive for dismissal of the high-ranking militia official was in his hard-hitting utterances addressed to the power agents from Kadyrov’s clannish village – Tsentaroy.


A few weeks ago a video footage has been distributed in Chechnya, in which Alambek Yasayev spoke to his fellow villages from Oyshar (Novogrozny) village, Gudermes district, which is located near the Khosi-Yurt (Tsentaroy). In sharp form he accused Khosi-Yurtovans, who according to Yasayev involved in the beating of disagreeable to them persons. Alambek Yasayev appealed to his fellow villagers to resist to them, saying that “if we are men it is better to die fighting them than to be wives of Khosi-Yurtovans”.


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