Qassem warns of ‘measures’ if president elected by simple majority

Hizbullah’s number two Sheikh Naim Qassem warned on Thursday that the opposition would take the “appropriate measures” if the ruling March 14 alliance resorted to electing a president by simple majority. Qassem, who described the current political situation in Lebanon as “very delicate and blurry” said he feared that the period from now until the end of President Emile Lahoud’s term “will not be enough to change March 14’s anti-consensus stance.” In an interview with the daily An-Nahar, Qassem said Hizbullah welcomed all meetings aimed at forging a consensus concerning all pending issues. Asked about the possibility of holding talks between Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and MP Saad Hariri, Qassem said “circumstances” do not allow such a meeting to take place.

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