Iran, Albania Discuss Banking Cooperation

A014269410.jpgIran’s ambassador to Tirana conferred with Albania’s Central Bank governor about expansion of mutual cooperation and promotion of banking relations. During the meeting, the Albanian official noted the two nations’ abundant commonalities in cultural areas, and highlighted the huge role of the ancient and rich Persian Culture in the expansion of the world science, humanity, security, peace, stability and progress.

“The influence of the Persian Culture on the expansion and fruitfulness of other cultures is not hidden to anyone and the presence of the Persian Culture can be readily observed in the Balkans, specially in Albania,” he added.

The official further pointed to his country’s economic growth, and said that Tirana seeks to bring its monetary and financial policies in harmony with international standards.

He also expressed the hope that the two countries would increase contacts and relations in a bid to bolster cooperation between their central banks.

For his part, the Iranian envoy noted his country’s extensive economic cooperation with European countries, and stressed that Iran and Albania own ample intact potentials for promoting ties.

He also voiced preparedness of Iranian institutions and organizations, specially the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to develop mutual ties and cooperation with Albania in different economic sectors.

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