Iran, Indonesia Review Energy Policies

A014269411.jpgIranian president and Indonesian vice-president discussed bilateral relations and exchanged views about the oil policies of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) member states in a meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Sunday. During the meeting, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined expansion of all-out ties between the two countries, and said that development of relations between the two Muslim nations would serve the interests of all.

He further pointed to the increase in oil prices and depreciation of the value of dollar, which he viewed as a purposeful measure adopted by certain powers, and said, “By adopting this measure, industrial countries will make a bigger profit through increasing exports while weaker countries will have to sustain a loss. Therefore, a solution must be thought to resolve the problem.”

For his part, the Indonesian vice president pointed to the upcoming visit to Iran by his president, and called for the expansion of all out relations between Tehran and Jakarta.

Muhammad Yusuf Kalla also stressed that the simultaneous increase in oil prices and deprecation of dollar’s value would inflict a loss on Islamic states, and called for a solution to the problem.

He further proposed that a specific monetary unit be allocated for oil exchanges among Islamic countries.

Ahmadinejad and Kalla are in Riyadh to attend an OPEC heads of state summit.

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