British Official Calls for Diplomatic End to Iran’s N. Issue

A090982349.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A senior official in the British Foreign Ministry underlined the need for resolving Iran’s nuclear issue through diplomatic means.

“It is now the time that the standoff with Iran over its nuclear program is removed through diplomatic means,” Kim Howells said while addressing a special parliament committee meeting in London.

“Iranians say that they are pursuing a civilian nuclear program, and if that is the case, then we won’t have any problem with it,” he added.

Meantime, he said during his recent visit to the US, he had felt that the US officials sought to find a peaceful solution to Iran’s nuclear case.

When in the States, I did not see anyone willing to invade Iran and I think that Americans have come to the point that they are facing sufficient problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, the British official said.

“I believe that soothing the tension and the severity of this nuclear crisis would be beneficial to all parties, at least it would be beneficial to the US itself,” he added.

Implying that threats to Iran’s stability would be detrimental to all the relevant sides, he said Iran should be provided with the opportunity to make more investments in its oil and gas sector, reminding that such a move would reduce oil prices and yield benefit specially to oil consuming countries, including the US.

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