Iran keen on Asia-Pacific water, energy projects

Energy minister here Sunday voiced Iran’s readiness to cooperate with Asia-Pacific countries in water and energy sectors.Parviz Fattah made the statement ahead of his departure to Deppu, Oita prefecture, Japan, where he attends the First Asia-Pacific Summit.
Deppu is to host high-ranking decision-makers from across the Asia-Pacific region at the summit on Dec. 3-4, Underlining Iran’s high capability, he voiced the country’s preparedness to build dam, power plant, and thermal and combined cycle power plants in all regional states.
Calling for the creation of the APWF at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico in 2006, the region’s water ministers sought to establish an effective mechanism to encourage more collaborative efforts on water resources management and to accelerate the process of effective integration of water resources management into the socioeconomic development process of the Asian and Pacific region.



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