Mottaki: No Reason to Refer Iran to SC

Iran‘s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki stressed that there has been no legal basis for referral of Iran’s nuclear case to the United Nations Security Council. 

In a letter to the United Nations Secretary General as well as the Presidents of the Security Council and the General Assembly on Friday, he said, “The results of Iran’s actions as well as the findings by the IAEA, once again and clearly, illustrate the fact that there has been no legal basis, from the outset, for the referral of Iran’s nuclear issue to the Security Council, and therefore, there remain no pretexts to consider this issue in the council.” In fact, necessary grounds have been paved for the issue to be dealt with solely by the International Atomic Energy Agency, free from any interference by the political and security institutions, he reiterated.

“Indeed, a pertinent question arises as to why while all countries are transparently informed about Iran’s program and its peaceful nature through the agency, yet certain countries continue to insist on pursuing this issue through unlawful paths?” the Iranian foreign minister asked.

This well indicates that those few countries are not seeking transparency in Iran’s nuclear activities as they claim, and even they have no valid legal basis for their claims, but are rather pursuing other goals and agendas, Mottaki noted.

The Iranian foreign minister called on the Security Council “to center its attention on its main and fundamental responsibilities, and to put an end to its illegal consideration of Iran’s nuclear issue”.

“In this context, the council should allow the agency to perform its duty in a calm atmosphere free from tension and political motives, and without biased political guessing on the part of few countries whose statements have repeatedly proved to be invalid and baseless,” he concluded.


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