Iran’s 12 Proposals at PGCC Summit

TEHRAN, Dec. 3 (MNA) — President Mahmud Ahmadinejad submitted 12 proposals meant to “reinforce brotherly ties” and “promote cooperation” among Persian Gulf littoral states at the 28th summit of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council in Doha on Monday.



Following is a summary of the proposals:


(1) An economic cooperation organization tasked with promoting cooperation in the areas of industry, agriculture, energy, and transportation should be established. 


(2) Visa requirements for the citizens of Persian Gulf littoral states should be waived in order to strengthen friendly relations and boost economic and cultural cooperation in the region. 


(3) Citizens of the littoral states should be permitted to buy real estate in each country in the region. This will promote long-term investment in regional projects.


(4) Bilateral and multilateral investments in oil and gas projects should be promoted. 


(5) A plan for free trade among the littoral states should be outlined. The Islamic Republic is prepared to set up free trade zones through joint investments. 


(6) Oil and gas should be supplied to meet the region’s needs. Iran is prepared to provide Persian Gulf states with the oil and gas they require. 


(7) The North-South Corridor should be activated. The Islamic Republic is ready to activate the North-South Corridor and to facilitate the utilization of its roads and railways. 


(8) Tourism should be promoted. The littoral states should make efforts to introduce their tourism attractions and encourage their citizens to visit other regional countries. 


(9) Islamic countries and poor countries should be helped. Persian Gulf countries should transfer some of their money from Western banks to the Islamic Development Bank or any other joint regional banks in order to eradicate poverty in the region and sponsor regional projects. 


(10) A security cooperation organization should be established and a security agreement should be signed in order to eliminate all tension and any possible insecurity in the Persian Gulf region. 


(11) Educational, scientific, and technological information should be exchanged. In view of Iran’s great accomplishments in the spheres of industry, agriculture, medicine, health, energy, and advanced technology, the Islamic Republic is prepared to share its expertise with neighboring countries through training their scientists and specialists. 


(12) Collective efforts should be made to protect the ecosystem of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. 



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