Lebanese Move to Marginalize Shias Caused Crisis Print

The Lebanese government’s move to marginalize the Shias is the root cause of the Lebanese crisis, Fadi Saad of the opposition party Marada said on Sunday.  

The Lebanese government’s actions have not been in line with the country’s political system, Saad, who is a member of the Political Committee of the Marada Party, told the Mehr News Agency in a telephone interview. 

The root cause of the Lebanese crisis is the obstructionism of those in power who are trying to exclude the Shias from the country’s decision-making process, he asserted. 

Saad noted, “Currently, we see that the presidential seat is empty while it should have been taken by a Christian Maronite president, and those who are seeking a one-party system should be blamed for that.” 

According to the Lebanese Constitution, the individual who represents the Christian majority is qualified for the presidency, and that person is Michel Aoun, who is currently the most popular Maronite figure, Saad observed. 

Despite Aoun’s popularity, the ruling party, supported by certain Western countries, has created a situation in which the presidential post has remained vacant. 

Asked why he regards Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s government as illegal, the Lebanese politician replied, “It is illegitimate because six ministers resigned over one year ago and, despite the fact that the largest demonstrations in the history of Lebanon were held to protest against that (government), Siniora is still in power illegally.” 

He added, “Now that we are at the stage of electing a new president, the ruling movement should respect the Christian majority’s wishes and choose the Marada Party’s candidate, Michel Aoun, who is backed by the Lebanese opposition coalition, which includes Hezbollah, the Amal movement, Marada, and tens of other political groups, or agree to hold a presidential election soon and hand the government over to its rightful owners.” 

Saad made the remarks before the agreement to support the candidacy of army commander Michel Suleiman was made. 



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