Iran Petrochemical Projects Ready to Experience 300% Growth

A00389523.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency) Iran’s petrochemical projects will witness a 300% growth in 10 years, with domestic petrochemical output soaring to 98 million tons at the end of 10-year plan, 2014, fetching the country US$20 bln pa.Of the 12 petrochemical complexes scheduled to come into operation in the current year (started March 21, 2007), 9 have already come on stream and four more would become operational by next March.

The two last petrochemical complexes of the first phase of Assaluyeh, Arya Sasol and Jam, would also start work by the year end, March 19.

Iran and South Africa, 50:50 partners in the Arya Sasol complex have invested US$1.3 bln each.

The Mehr Petrochemical Complex has Japanese and Thai participation, while the Karun Petrochemical Complex is in collaboration with Germany and Sweden, and Laleh Petrochemical Complex will be built through cooperation of Saudi Arabia.

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