Iranian Embassy Responds

A00389522.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency) Following the release of an article by AFP on Iranian president’s nuclear policies, the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to Indonesia voiced protest and presented the following response.

In response to the article titled “Ahmadinejad defies world on nukes, slams critics at home in 2007” from the AFP published in The Jakarta Post on Dec. 24, I would like to express my views.

The title and words contained in the above-mentioned article were nothing new. We are used to receiving such treatment from the Western media, who are fed stories by certain news agencies.

Generally these agencies are linked with arrogant powers and seek to pursue their interests.

The news reflects that such agencies are often one-sided, spiteful and based on the motives of certain world powers. Intentionally they do not consider some of the facts.

In other cases they hide the truth or aggrandize little issues. For example, the Western media has ignored two recent reports from Mohammed Elbaradei and the IAEA, both of which emphasized there was no diversion in Iran’s nuclear program.

They haven’t even paid much attention to U.S. intelligence reports, which at least considered part of the truth by saying that Iran’s nuclear program was not conducted for military purposes in recent years.

Although Iran has declared repeatedly its nuclear program is peaceful, these news agencies continue to publish negative propaganda about it.

Iran is not defying the world, as the title of the article suggests. Rather, it is defying some arrogant powers who claim to be looking after the world’s best interests.

Iran defies the malicious tendencies and policies of these arrogant powers. Iran has repeatedly said it is pursuing a peaceful program for its growing energy needs. It respects all relevant international laws and regulations and as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has every right to enjoy nuclear technology.

All Iranian people and leaders as well as political parties are united and they support the government in its legitimate struggle.

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